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Animated Knots by Grog - "Better to know a knot and not need it, than need a knot and not know it." animated knot tying instruction

How to charge your phone with a 9-volt battery - "The Crazy Russian Hacker makes a cell phone charger with a 9 volt battery."

Anchoring Pioneering Projects - "Building pioneering projects often requires some type of strong point for attaching a guy line for a tower or derrick. An anchor point might also be needed to anchor one or both ends of a monkey bridge."

DIY Solar Powered radio (No batteries/no problem) - "This is a good use for the solar panel used on the huge amounts of garden LED lights around, coupled to a portable radio that runs off 2 or 3 AA cells."

How To Make Charcloth - "Charcloth is really easy to make and once you have some you have the best tinder material available for starting a fire. Charcloth will ignite with the smallest spark which makes it an excellent companion for a firesteel."

Green Power Science - "Free Power for the world through creative thinking". solar/wind power videos and projects

Make Your Own Vinegar - "Vinegar can be made from apples (cider vinegar), grapes (wine vinegar), berries, other fruits, or even from a 10 percent sugar solution. Most homesteaders who make vinegar make cider vinegar."

How To Make Your Own Lump Charcoal - "Instructions on how to make your own lump charcoal."

Build a solar cooker - "There is a wide variety of solar cooker designs, many of them very simple to build from inexpensive, easy-to-obtain materials. Some can be built in as little as an hour for less than US$5."

Altoids Solar USB Charger - "Total cost is pretty low for everything, depending on where you buy various parts and the batteries. I would say easily under $25 if not under $20. Would probably take about 3 days of full sun to charge 2500mAH batteries."

Cold Frame Gardening - "This simple bottomless box with a removable glass or plastic lid protects plants inside from excessively low temperatures, wind, snow, and rain. In doing so, it creates a microclimate that is a zone and a half warmer than your garden. My garden may be in Maine, but the plants in my cold frame think they're in New Jersey. A cold frame in New Jersey provides Georgia weather. The result is a harvest of fresh vegetables all winter long."

Flashlight modification that extends flashlight battery over 5x - "Modifying a heavy duty flashlight to enable the battery to last 5x it's normal life."

HBCSL cobb oven - "Earthen ovens use materials from nature, such as earth and straw, often in three layers: thermal mass, insulated, and outer, to bake with the three types of heat: conduction, convection and radiation."

Dan's Survival Depot - "Find the highest quality gear at the lowest possible prices and assemble a knowledgeable team to help customers learn how to use it."

Survival Shelters - "Assembling shelter in the wild."

Your Untapped Emergency Water Supply - "The average size of a residential water heater is 40 gallons…and that is 40 gallons of water that can be used in an emergency and is quite often completely forgotten about."

Where To Buy Organic Seeds - "There is growing interest among gardeners for untreated, open-pollinated and heritage seeds for vegetable gardening."

BackyardGardener.com - "The Most Comprehensive Gardening Information on the Web"

Hydroponics Online - "Hydroponics tutorials, forum, free garden designs and descriptions plus photos and grower bulletin boards."

Build Your Own 12 VDC Engine/Generator (PDF) - "This small, easy to build, engine/alternator is the answer to a burning RE question. What do we do when the sun doesn't shine, the wind doesn't blow, and the creek dries up?"

Fish First - "The first rule of survival fishing is "think big and catch small."

SlingBow DVD - "From Self Reliance Outfitters. Check out all of their how to videos."

BackyardMetalcasting.com - "Melting and casting metal yourself."

Homemadetools.net/ - "Directory of homemade tools and equipment."

How I home-built an electricity producing Wind turbine - "Do-it-yourself guide to making a wind turbine with good instructions, photos and video."

Sullivan's Trap Line - "The Trap Line is a trappers' forum provided by Sullivan's as a free service to today's on-line trapper. Covering all aspects of trapping."

BuyActivatedCharcoal.com - "BuyActivatedCharcoal.com carries a diverse line of activated charcoal bulk products, made from Hardwood, Coconut Shell, Bamboo, Lignite and Bituminous Coal, Bone Charcoal, and Agricultural Biochar. "

Root Simple - "Back to basics, DIY living, encompassing homegrown vegetables, chickens, herbs, hooch, bicycles, cultural alchemy, and common sense."

Protecting Yourself from EMP - "The letters spell burnt out computers and other electrical systems and perhaps even a return to the dark ages if it were to mark the beginning of a nuclear war. But it doesn't need to be that way. Once you understand EMP, you can take a few simple precautions to protect yourself and equipment from it".

Wildwood Survival - "The Wildwood Survival website contains information on wilderness survival skills from the viewpoint of the ancient philosophy of living in harmony with the Earth, which is what might be called "wilderness mind".

How to wire your furnace to a generator - "RicksDIY on how to wire your natural gas furnace to a generator".

Sproutpeople - "We want you to grow your own food - it’s fun and it’s liberating. We want to sell you seeds for the rest of your life - so we offer only the finest seeds available".

Five Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator Build Manual (PDF) - "This manual offers guidance for selecting the tools and materials needed to make the generator, as well as techniques involved in its construction. By design, the materials from which the generator is constructed are extremely common".

89 camping tips to elevate any campsite - "How to make the most out of your camping experience".

Survival Sherpa DIY Projects - "Practical DIY projects for around the home with self-sufficiency in mind".

Best small game snare (Youtube) - "How to make the most effective small game snare. Some call it a Squirrel snare or a squirrel pole".

Survival Traps Twitch Up Balance Stick Snare (Youtube) - "Small game snare for survival situation".

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